Life Insurance in Nebraska

If you have ever wondered how the people around you will get on after you're gone, you aren't alone. This is a major worry for many people, but it's especially true for those who have families of their own. With so many people depending on you and/or the income you bring in, it's natural to worry about their lives if the worst should happen. If you've ever thought about life insurance, contact us at Western Trails Insurance in Oshkosh, NE to find out more.

Nebraska Insurance Laws

Like most states, Nebraska tries to help its citizens get great insurance by offering legal protections to those that buy policies. These protections include a period of 10 days to cancel a life insurance policy and get a complete refund for the premiums that have been paid. There is no penalty allowed for backing out of the life insurance policy.

Another rule is that Nebraska residents are given a 31-day grace period for their payments. If your budget gets tough one month, you keep your insurance policy for 31 days, even if you cannot pay during that time. The state considers 31 days to be a reasonable time to make a payment mistake, and the insurance company cannot cancel your policy during this time.

Other Legal Protections

There are also privacy laws that govern your private information and task companies use to keep your data safe. In addition, there is a state law that requires insurance companies to be highly responsive. If you ask about any information from your life insurance policy, the company has 15 business days to answer your query. Insurance companies are also required to pay out quickly, earning you interest on any amount that is not paid in 30 days.

Make Your Appointment

If you want the ultimate peace of mind, life insurance is safe and good protection for your family's financial future. If you're interested in a policy, call us at Western Trails Insurance in Oshkosh, NE to set an appointment to talk to an agent.