Auto Insurance in Nebraska

The auto insurance market in the United States is by far the largest globally, and the insurance products offered are extremely diverse. For many Americans, the car has become the most common and often the only means of transportation and to the fact that car owner liability insurance is mandatory.

The Auto Owner

The car owner must have an insurance policy when licensing his vehicle, driving it, or renewing a driver's license. There is no federal system of regulation of the insurance industry in the United States, and each state performs these functions independently. Therefore, the requirements for car insurance are different. If you are interested in getting auto insurance, it is best to contact a company like Western Trails Insurance in Oshkosh, NE, so you can get a quote and affordable coverage if you live in the state of Nebraska.

Today, most auto insurance policies are sold as a package of insurance services, covering insurance payments to the car owner and third parties. The following types of insurance coverage are provided:

  • Collision: Damage from damage to the car in an accident (collision with another car or object) is indemnified. This is usually the most expensive type of insurance. A deductible is provided, the size of which usually ranges from $ 50 to $ 1000
  • General coverage indemnifies damages from damage to the car in all other cases, except as provided above, due to fire, theft, collisions with animals, falling objects, earthquakes, floods, etc. This type of insurance, like the previous one, in almost all states, is voluntary.
  • Physical damage: The damage caused to the health of persons injured due to an accident due to the car owner's fault is indemnified, including medical expenses and lost income. Mandatory in most states
  • Property damage: Damage caused to third parties (car, fence, house, etc.) in a collision caused by the car owner is indemnified. Mandatory in most states
  • Medical expenses: Reimbursement covers medical expenses and costs of the car owner, passenger, and other persons. Mandatory in several states
  • Personal injury: (“personal injury protection,” or “PIP”). This type of insurance is similar to the previous one, but it provides a wider range of costs. The coverage also includes unearned income and additional security for the person injured in the accident. Generally mandatory in states where “no-fault” insurance is practiced, which will be discussed below.
  • Uninsured/insufficiently insured driver: Medical expenses, lost income, and non-economic payments (moral damage) in the event of a collision with a driver who does not have insurance coverage or does not have enough coverage are covered. Protection is also provided in case the driver of another car escapes from the scene. This type of insurance is also compulsory in many states.

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Compulsory insurance standards exist in almost all states; however, its types and limits of liability may differ significantly. The differences are due to several factors: saturation of the state with vehicles, statistics of accidents, or peculiarities of civil law regulation. If you are ready to purchase auto insurance, then contact us at Western Trails Insurance in Oshkosh, NE, and our Nebraska agents will help you make the right choice.