Tips for buying commercial insurance

Owning a business comes with plenty of worries. So many things can go wrong. Commercial insurance helps to mitigate some of the perils out there but just choosing your commercial insurance coverage comes with its own set of perils. If your business is in or near Oshkosh, NE, you can feel confident choosing Western Trail Insurance to help you to find the right commercial policy. 

Work with a respected insurance agent.

Ensuring that you have the kind of commercial insurance that works the best for your particular business is important. While you may not know all the ins and outs of a particular type of commercial policy, your insurance agent will know, and they can recommend the types that will have benefits for you. 

Know the laws about commercial insurance in your state

The laws governing businesses and insurance differ from state to state. In Nebraska, if your business owns a vehicle, it must be covered by commercial auto insurance. If you have one or more employees, whether full or part-time, you must provide workers’ compensation insurance. 

Compare several insurance quotes.

Having an independent insurance agent makes this easy to do. They do all the work and get the quotes for you without contacting multiple carriers yourself. Prices can vary greatly from one to the other, and you want to make sure you are getting the best deal while making sure you get the coverage that makes sense. 

Combine coverages

Consider getting a BOPs (Business owners policy)  or CPP (Commercial Package Policy). Both of these combine coverages into a package that ends up being more affordable for you. 

If it is time to get your first commercial insurance policy or you are ready to reevaluate the one you have, at Western Trail Insurance in Oshkosh, NE, we are here to give you the benefit of our experienced advice. Come to our office or call us and let us give you a quote.