Add-Ons for Nebraska Motorcycle Insurance You May Not Have Thought Of

Nebraska’s motorcycle insurance requirements are bodily injury for two or more persons, and for property damages. However, many Nebraska motorcyclists want more coverage than that.

At Western Trail Insurance, we know how Oshkosh, NE residents can design their motorcycle insurance policies to get the best coverage for their needs. Ask us to bundle your motorcycle insurance with your other insurance policies.

Collision Insurance

Collision insurance does not come with every motorcycle insurance policy. Whereas bodily injury will cover other parties in an accident, collision insurance will cover your property damage costs. This coverage often comes with a deductible that you can set with your insurance company.

Comprehensive Insurance

Comprehensive insurance is insurance that will cover you in the event that your motorcycle is damaged as a result of vandalism or fire. It also covers you in the event of theft, or other problems not caused by a collision.

Trip Interruption Insurance

This insurance add-on covers transportation, food, and even accommodations if you experience a motorcycle problem while you are far away from home. The limit here is often set at 100 miles away from home.

Custom Parts

Many motorcycle add-on options include custom parts coverage. This means that you can get custom parts or accessories when you purchase both comprehensive and collision insurance.

Roadside Assistance

This type of motorcycle insurance covers towing and labor when your motorcycle breaks down.

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When you are looking for motorcycle insurance in Oshkosh, NE, there are a lot of options available to you. You can expand your choices beyond the state’s requirements. At Western Trail Insurance, we can help you to design the best motorcycle insurance policy or bundle for your needs. Call us for a quote today.