Jet Ski & Waverunner Insurance Coverage

Waverunners and jet skis can be fun personal watercraft (PWC) rides on, but having the right insurance coverage in place before hitting the water is essential. What types of PWCs can (and should) be covered? Coverage for PWCs is required in many states and counties, but it’s a good idea to have it in case of an incident, accident, or death. Remember, anything can happen at any time. PWSs allow one rider to stand or kneel on the vessel rather than sit; these policies do not cover sit-down jet skis.

Common Liability Losses Covered Under Personal Watercraft Insurance

There are losses when using watercraft that are more common than others, such as:

  • Bodily injury or death to another person due to your negligence
  • Injuries suffered to you by another operator while using your craft.
  • The negligence of another operator while using your PWC
  • Damage to a dock or another craft
  • Towed wakeboarders or skiers injured while using your PWC
  • Physical damage to the equipment, hull, or machinery
  • Towing assistance should you break down on or in the water

What is Excluded From a PWC Policy?

It would be best to read your policy to get the details on excluded items. In general, what’s not covered include:

  • Any PWC that’s been modified for speed or performance.
  • PWCs that have been operated after dusk void coverage.
  • Certain modifications add substantially to the value.

PWC differs depending on the make, model, age, and type of personal watercraft, so you’ll want to read your policy carefully.

Jet Ski & Waverunner Insurance Coverage

Personal watercraft cannot be added to existing boat policies, so they require their own coverage before operating. These are specialized policies but aren’t expensive. We’ll help you find the right PWC coverage, so contact Western Trails Insurance in Oshkosh, NE, today.

Boat Insurance for Liveaboards: Special Considerations

If you’re considering living aboard your boat, then you may be wondering what special insurance considerations you should take into account. Below are a few key points that you should be aware of if you’re going to be living aboard your boat. As always, feel free to reach out to us with any questions you may have about boat insurance.

Do you need insurance?

If you have a boat, then you most likely need special boat insurance. This becomes especially true if you’re going to be living on the boat, as that increases your risk and means you’ll want a special layer of insurance protection.

Log Your Possessions

One helpful thing that you should do if you’re going to be living on your boat is catalog all of the possessions that you have onboard. This can be very helpful if you’re going to make a claim, as it can help you assess damages and provide further information to your insurance agency if necessary. 

Be Honest

One of the most important things when it comes to this type of insurance is being honest when you’re putting together your policy. If you’re going to be living on your boat, it’s important to share that detail with your insurance agency so that they can write your policy correctly and make sure that you have all of the coverage you need to reduce your risk.

Looking For Insurance In Oshkosh, NE?

If you’re looking for boat insurance, then consider Western Trail Insurance. We’re a leading insurance option for individuals in Oshkosh, NE. You can always reach us by sending us a message or giving us a call, and we’ll connect you with an experienced member of our Western Trails Insurance staff.

Benefits of boat insurance

Being a boat owner is a dream for many in the Oshkosh, NE area. When you do invest in your own boat here, it will give you the ability to have fun and stay cool during the hot Nebraska summers. When you are looking for your own boat, you also need to ensure that you get the right insurance for it.

A boat insurance plan should be a top priority for owners for different reasons:

Cover the Boat 

An important reason to have a boat insurance plan is so you can continue to cover the boat. If you choose to invest in a boat, you will be making a big purchase that you will want to have last for a long time. One way to ensure this happens is by getting insurance for the boat. With this coverage, you will have the financial resources to replace or repair it if you do incur a loss. 

Reduce Liability Concerns

It is also a good idea to have a boat insurance plan so you can reduce your liability concerns. If you are going to operate any type of boat, there will always be a chance that you will cause damage in a collision. If this happens, you will have to cover the costs to remediate the issue. When you carry a proper insurance plan for the boat, you will have the support you need in this situation. 

Give Us A Call

If you are looking to get a boat insurance plan in the Oshkosh, NE area, it would be a good idea to get the right insurance. When you are looking for coverage, you should call our team at Western Trail Insurance. When you call our professionals at Western Trail Insurance, you can have all of your questions answered and receive customized support as you build a plan. 

Is There Anything Else I Need to Know About Boat Insurance?

Boat insurance may help you protect your investment by insuring against claims. If you’re looking at the cost of buying a new boat, you’ll probably want to steer clear of the new boat insurance. For most people, that’s the most expensive type of insurance. Consult with Western Trail Insurance in Oshkosh, NE for expert insurance advice. 

Boat Insurance: What You Need To Know

Boat insurance can help protect your investments from storm surges and other weather-related damage. You should also be aware that insurance companies may offer to cover some conditions, such as the cost of replacing your hull or fitting a new engine, for a set amount of money. This is a good option, but be careful: There may be a risk that the policy will cost more than you can afford to pay, and then you won’t be able to get it paid for. 

Boat insurance can be a key part of your coverage. 

  • First of all, ask for help. 
  • Secondly, don’t be afraid to ask for help.
  • Thirdly, be honest with your insurance agent. 

If you’re not sure what to do next, you can always book an appointment with a pro at your earliest convenience. 

Ensure to read the fine print, and understand the risks and rewards of owning boat insurance. You can find boat insurance for a small supplement or a large one. For a small one, you can get a small (usually $10 or less) policy and add on things like a water exit or a lifeboat. For a large policy, you can get a large (usually $50 or more) policy and add on things like a dock, a private water exit, and a private lifeboat. 

Give Us A Call

Boat insurance protects you against injury, property damage, and theft if something happens to your boat. It is important to know the risk that your insurance company takes to protect you. Boat insurance can help you to get the best price for your insurance and to stay out of debt. Talk to Western Trail Insurance, a firm serving in Oshkosh, NE.

Oshkosh Ne Boat Insurance: What Will it Cover?

Oshkosh, NE does not sit on a flood plain but they have still been victims of Mother Nature when it comes to floods in the past. The famous Nebraska flood of 2019 taught residents of many counties of Nebraska a lesson they won’t soon forget. One thing people forget is that boats are also in harm’s way when a flood occurs.

Boats can get tossed with the wind and rain against rocks or other boats, causing major damage. Sometimes, boats are completely swept away. Accidents can also occur that damage boats and create a monetary loss. 

How to Prepare

The best thing you can do to prepare for you to understand that it can happen from Western Trail Insurance. Even locations you are familiar with can experience a sudden storm or other occurrences that can toss your boat to and fro. Scary stuff. But with the right insurance, you won’t have to stay scared and you can start getting your boat repaired without a lot of personal expense from your own pocket.

Having boat insurance can protect you from unknown mishaps that you can’t see coming. 

Boat insurance can cover:

  • Damage or loss of your watercraft
  • Contents of the boat lost or damaged
  • Accident coverage and medical expenses (if applicable)

Boat insurance is there when you need it from a trusted insurance company. So, if the worst happens and your boat is damaged or worse, you will have a way to get it repaired or replaced. 

Western Trail Insurance serves the Oshkosh, NE area and they can advise you on getting boat insurance. Visit them today for more information or to get a quote. 

When Mother Nature strikes or you have a boating mishap that you didn’t expect, you need a friend in your corner.